Self-drive Trips

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The classic choice for most people visiting Alaska by land (meaning not by cruise) is renting a vehicle and using it as their main form of transport. Alaska has other means of transport, and you’re welcome to read about them here, but life in Alaska, much like in other parts of the USA, is more suitable for a private vehicle while public transport is quite limited.

All international rental companies operate in Alaska, as well as some smaller local companies (some good, some not so much). Getting around by car gives you more freedom in terms of schedules, allows you to get to places that are unreachable by public transport, and lets you stop wherever you want along the way (like when you see a moose standing by the side of road).

Any downsides?

A lot of the people we talk to are concerned about two main issues: long driving distances and poor road quality. In both cases you have nothing to worry about.

First of all, Alaska is indeed very big, but the road system covers only about a quarter of it (and this is the area in which most travelers spend their time). We strongly advise against planning particularly long journeys, but if you understand the map and the distances you can easily establish an itinerary without driving more than 4-6 hours at a time.

These are also lengthy drives and you should definitely come prepared (get those playlists ready), but it’s still much more reasonable than, say, crossing the Australian outback. Along the way there are of course many places to stop and explore.

Secondly, road quality should also not concern you. The vast majority of roads are excellently maintained. From time to time you’ll encounter a road that is being repaired or is awaiting repair, and you will have to drive a little more slowly. In any case you don’t need a 4×4 vehicle, unless you want one.

The great advantage of Alaska and Canada is the combination between remarkable landscapes and fully-developed western infrastructures. The roads are well signposted, navigation is easy and the vehicles are usually in excellent condition. In other words, as long as you plan correctly in terms of itinerary and driving distance, this is not a challenging trip but a nature trip in convenient conditions.

What do we offer?

The bulk of our work consists of planning self-drive trips, and in most cases the plan includes a combination of driving days with tours guided by local travel companies. Besides booking ground services, we also prepare a detailed trip portfolio that includes recommendations about interesting locations along your route, recommended treks, restaurants, etc.

The result is a personalized trip, suited to your rhythm, planned according to your needs, relying on our knowledge and planning.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s talk.

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