Alaska by RV

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RVing Alaska

Another way of traveling around Alaska is by RV, which of course, like everything, has pros and cons you should know before you hit the gas.


The biggest advantage is the independence. There is no rush to get to the hotel at the end of the day, no packing / unpacking and you can easily make your own food. Many locals have an RV for weekend trips, and it is also a very popular way of travel in the US. This means that Alaska is perfectly equipped to handle this kind of trip and there are many beautiful camp grounds you can stop at.


RV touring requires a technical side – you must learn how to drive and operate these beasts, and the trip must be planned according to camp grounds that have all the RV amenities you might need (water, electricity hookups, sewage drainage, etc). Many people are deterred by this and are just the thought of backing up an RV could make them skip Alaska all together, and just go to London. Another disadvantage, and just as important, is that you will be spending the entirety of the trip in one space, with your travel partner, which is not always a great thing.

Does it save money?

Maybe, but not always. Financially, an RV might combine the cost of a hotel and a car, presumably saving money, but when camp ground fees (that can reach 40$-50$ a night), larger gas consumption and other small things are added; the savings aren’t that dramatic (if existent). Generally, if you plan on renting an RV, do it as early as possible – they run out very fast, sometimes as early as two or three months in advance. For those that are flexible with their schedule, there are some good prices to be had in the down season (May or September). Most companies offer discounts when reserving early, usually before January.

Bottom Line

If the situation fits (family with kids) – go for it. If the situation is different (several grown-ups in one RV, or any other circumstance where your privacy is important) – think twice before going down this road.

And what do we offer?

There are a number of companies in Israel that specialize in RV rentals and trips, alongside a number of local Alaskan companies you should also take into consideration. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience working with both Israeli and Alaskan companies. If you need help planning your trip, give us a call and we would love to help in any way we can.

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