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OK, so you’ve decided that you want to go to Alaska and/or Western Canada, but you don’t want an organized group thing or a cruise, but rather an independent trip tailored to you. Now what?

That’s where we come in! We would be happy to plan a personalized trip for you, what we like to call a “one man organized trip”. this is how it works:

Stage 1: Meeting

First of all, let’s meet. Meetings are held in our office, and are not time limited (neither is the coffee). The primary goal is to make sense of it all and to show you the possibilities. At the same time, the meeting helps us get a feel of what kind of trip is best suited for you. Eventually we end the meeting with a trip itinerary that is perfectly suited to your needs: in terms of dates, type of route, type of activities, standard of hotels, etc. You get the idea.

Stage 2: Preparing the Trip Plan

After the meeting we prepare a trip plan, based on that mysterious outline we established during the meeting (if several plans are required, no problem). We then send you the offer by email, in two parts: a trip description and a price offer. The trip description includes a short description of each day (traveling from X to Y, en-route activities), and is constructed according to the specific dates of your trip. The price offer is for all the ground services you need to book as part of the trip (accommodation, transportation and attractions), in case you decide to book the trip through us. You can take our basic plan and book all the necessary services yourself, but there are some significant advantages to booking through us (see here).

Stage 3: Booking Ground Services

Should you decide to book through us: after the plan confirmation comes the registration stage, during which we handle all the bookings with suppliers in Alaska and/or Canada. At the end of the booking stage we will give you the trip portfolio, which is a detailed account of each day and of the bookings made for you along the route. The trip portfolio also includes many recommendations and tips for the actual trip – recommended restaurants, beautiful viewpoints, best treks and more. Before the actual trip we’ll have one more meeting to make sure everything is in order – and that’s it, you’re ready to go.

Well, how much?

The cost of the consultation meeting and the trip plan preparation is 400 NIS (to be paid at the actual meeting). If you want to book ground services through us, the 400 NIS you pay in the meeting are carried forward, meaning they are counted as part of the payment for the actual trip. The costs of ground services as specified in the price offer already include our costs, so there are no extra charges.

Let’s do this

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