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A town or a national park?

Like Banff, Jasper is also the commercial center of a national park with the same name (who’s named after who? It gets very confusing). The town is located in the Athabasca River Valley in Alberta, Canada, in the northern part of the Rockies. Jasper, again like Banff, is managed in cooperation with Canada’s park authority.

Officially the town is home to slightly over 4,000 residents, but when the summer tourists come the number can be five times higher. Surprisingly, about a quarter of Jasper’s residents are unrelated to the tourism industry (because they work for the train company), which gives the town a more “authentic” character, less like a tourist trap.

It’s all about the scenery

The Icefields Parkway road connects Jasper to Banff and to the Trans-Canada highway to the south. As you would expect from a road passing along one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, it’s a spectacular drive in one of the world’s most famous scenic routes.

In Jasper you’ll find diverse options of accommodations, activities and attractions for all types of travelers and budgets.

Weather in Jasper

It snows in Jasper throughout the entire year, including the summer on occasion (it doesn’t happen much, but it could). June-September are the most recommended months, with a nice average temperature for an alpine town: 19° C (66.2° F) in June, 22.5° C (72.5° F) in July, 21.5° C (70.7° F) in August and 16.5° C (61.7° F) in September.

The summer days are very long, and sunsets are as late as 10:00 p.m. (in June).

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An excellent Best Western hotel. Family suites with a well-equipped kitchen and a wooden stove, with pool, sauna and hot tub amenities.

A short walking distance from the center of town.

Best Western Jasper Inn

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