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A new fascinating route connecting Vancouver with the Canadian Rockies via British Columbia’s most remote and charming spots. Instead of crossing directly in the classic fashion, you take the detour: going north through Vancouver Island, taking the ferry that connects the Island’s northern end with the amazing Bella Coola Valley at the heart of the coastal mountain range. From here you continue on two lovely days of hiking in the Israeli Nuk Tessli Lodge, and end with another week of trips through he Canadian Rockies. If you love nature and wildlife, hiking and long drives through magnificent views, and you’re looking for places hardly visited by tourists – this is the route for you.
"What a pity / that the people from the city / can't relate to the slower things / that the country brings" (Neil young)
  • Tel Aviv – Vancouver

    Flight via Canada, landing in Vancouver, the biggest city in British Columbia and one of the most spectacular cities in North America. Accommodations in Vancouver.

  • Vancouver

    Vancouver is a fascinating city combining a highly-developed cultural life and an impressive downtown area with well-preserved green lungs and a highly-developed environmental consciousness. The city’s location by the Pacific Ocean and at the foot of the British Columbia mountain range makes it an ideal destination. There are many interesting sites, including the Vancouver Aquarium, Granville Island, Vancouver Museum and Stanley Park. Accommodations in Vancouver.

  • Vancouver – Victoria

    Vancouver Island is a large island west of Vancouver city. The day starts with a ferry ride between Vancouver and Victoria, located on the south of the island, and continues with exploring the town and its surroundings. Victoria is the biggest most central city in Vancouver Island. Especially recommended are the famous Butchart Gardens, the downtown area with the European vibe, and the bustling Chinatown area. Accommodations in Victoria.

  • Victoria – Tofino

    The Island’s west coast is a wild rocky area, characterized by heavy precipitation. The heavy rainfalls allow for the existence of widespread rain forests, and the ideal conditions allow some trees to reach dozens of meters in height. The day is dedicated to riding along the road that crosses Vancouver Island east to west. The ride ends in Tofino, a cute town that constitutes the center of activity in this area. Accommodations in Tofino.

  • Pacific Rim National Park

    Adjacent to Tofino is Pacific Rim National Park, which contains many hiking trails through rain forests and along the coast. We recommend spending the day exploring the Park on foot. In addition, you can go on organized tours (* not inclusive) to watch bears or whales, or to the hot spring located on a nearby island. Accommodations in Tofino.

  • Tofino – Campbell River

    From Tofino you head back east and then north on Highway 19, Vancouver Island’s north-south road. Your destination is the town of Campbell River, located along the straits between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Accommodations in Campbell River.

  • Campbell River

    Day trip in the parks adjacent to Campbell River: little Elk Falls Park, where you can take short enjoyable hikes and see the famous eponymously named falls, and the mountainous Strathcona Park, home to some of the Island’s highest peaks. At the end of the day you return to spend the night at Campbell River.

  • Campbell River – Telegraph Cove

    You continue north along the Vancouver Island coast, headed towards Telegraph Cove, a tiny picturesque town on the shore of the Island’s northern end. The town consists of a small-boat marina, two or three cafés and two hotels, but it’s an excellent base for wildlife-watching tours (* not included), especially orca whales (killer whales) and bears, which follow the salmon here as of August. If time allows, you can also visit Little Husson Caves, a small park with a beautiful system of karst caves, underground rivers and more. Accommodations in Telegraph Cove.

  • Telegraph Cove – Port Hardy

    After another morning of traveling and relaxation in Telegraph Cove, you take a short ride to Port Hardy, the northern-most town in Vancouver Island. Accommodations in Port Hardy.

  • Port Hardy – Bella Coola

    You take a ferry ride from Port Hardy to Bella Coola, a small town at the edge of a long beautiful fjord. The ferry ride starts in open sea, and ends in the protected waters of the fjord. The ferry is relatively small, so it’s important to book a place for the vehicles in advance. You sleep in the ferry’s lounge area, and not in sleeping booths (we recommend bringing your own light mattresses. You can ask the ship’s crew for bedding). The ride is 24-hours long.

  • Bella Coola

    The ferry ride ends in Bella Coola, and the day is dedicated to exploring the region. Bella Coola is the first point in the trip in which you see the coastal range, a magnificent mountain range that never receives the attention it deserves, probably because of its proximity to the Canadian Rockies. Around Bella Coola there are a number of trails, mostly for four-by-four vehicles but also for hiking. In September, the Bella Coola River becomes a destination for salmon fish, which come here to lay their eggs and reproduce, and the bears are soon to follow. A number of companies operate rafting-boat cruises on the river (* not inclusive), which allow you to watch the bears while they fish. Accommodations in Bella Coola.

  • Bella Coola – Nimpo Lake

    After another morning in Bella Coola you drive to Nimpo Lake, located besides the mountainous Tweedsmuir Park. To get to Nimpo Lake you have to go through an intimidating mountain pass called the Hill, a steep climb that takes about half an hour, with spectacular views. Later on you arrive to Nimpo Lake and set up for the night. By the way, Nimpo Lake is an excellent place for a few hours of fishing.

  • Nimpo Lake – Nuk Tessli

    Nuk Tessli is a remote lodge located at the heart of British Columbia’s coastal mountains. As no roads lead to the lodge, you arrive here by light plane. The flights leaves Nimpo Lake in the morning, and after about 20 minutes of magnificent views it ends when you land on the lake near the lodge’s picturesque cabins. The lodge was purchased by mountain climber and guide Doron Erel in 2012, and constitutes a kind of Israeli enclave in the middle of British Columbia. The cabins are all handmade of wood, and the views are absolutely spectacular. And of course, let’s not forget the warm Israeli hospitality. Accommodations in Nuk Tessli.

  • Nuk Tessli

    Around Nuk Tessli, a branched system of walking trails was set up to allow access to many ranges, lakes and breathtaking viewpoints. The day is dedicated to independent exploration of the area. If you’re interested, you can rent the Israeli staff to guide you around. You can also book guided tours to the neighboring Tweedsmuir Park, including canoe trips near a glacier and many other options (* for extra charge). Accommodations in Nuk Tessli.

  • Nuk Tessli – Nimpo Lake – Clearwater

    After breakfast you say goodbye to Nuk Tessli and take a flight back to Nimpo Lake. Here you pick up the car and head east towards the Canadian Rockies. You drive through Williams Lake and stop in Clearwater, a small town by the side of the road, where the Canadian Rockies begin. Accommodations in Clearwater.

  • Clearwater – Jasper

    Continue Northeast towards the Rockies. In the morning we recommend visiting Wells Gray Park near Clearwater, where you can see some particularly impressive waterfalls and hike in the many walking trails. Later on you return to the highway and head north towards the town of Jasper, the northern center of the Canadian Rockies. After arriving and settling in, you should take the rest of the day to walk around downtown, go up the tramway for a panoramic view of the region, visit the local hot springs or take a short hike. Accommodations in Jasper.

  • Jasper National Park

    A day of travel among Jasper National Park’s magnificent mountains and lakes. The day starts with a cruise in Maligne Lake. We recommend continuing along the nearby Maligne Canyon, and ending the trip with a visit at Mount Edith Cavell and a short hike of Angel Glacier at the foot of the mountain. Accommodations in Jasper.

  • Jasper – Field

    Riding south along the Icefields Parkway, one of the most beautiful roads in the world, which connects Jasper and Banff. The road is fraught with mountain landscapes, turquoise lakes and glaciers, and many spots to stop for photo-ops and hikes. Along the road you can often see wildlife, including bears, sheep and mountain goats, and various deers. Near the town of Lake Louise, about 80 km north of Banff, you turn west from the highway and continue for a short while to the tiny town of Field, the entrance gate to Yoho National Park. The Park’s two main attractions are Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls, the highest waterfall in the Rockies. Accommodations in Field.

  • Banff National Park

    The morning is dedicated to visiting the most famous lakes of the Rockies, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Along the lakes there are many hiking trails, and you can also rent canoes for a short sail (no experience required). Subject to time constraints, you can spend the afternoon touring Johnston Canyon – a deep steep canyon with a beautiful hiking trail along it, full of waterfalls and clear pools. At the end of the day you take a short ride south, to sleep in Banff, the southern tourist center of the Canadian Rockies.

  • Banff

    A day without plans in Banff and the region. You can take the day to explore the town and its surrounding, to take hikes or activities such as horseback riding, sailing or rafting (* not inclusive). Accommodations in Banff.

  • Banff – Calgary – Tel Aviv

    You start the day driving south to Calgary (90 minutes net). During the drive we recommend stopping in Canmore, south of Banff. In Calgary you return the rental car at the airport and fly back home.

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