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So who are we anyway, and what are we all about?

You’re welcome to first read about the company in general and then get to know the Gelmond Geo Tours  team.

  • Gelmond Geo Tours Inc

    Gelmond Geo Tours Inc

    Originally, the site was started as a blog through witch I could share photos and stories with my family and friends, without clogging up their Inbox. Over the years the site got a makeover and a new section was added – planning a trip to Alaska. At some point questions started coming in, from people that wanted to travel to Alaska and needed help planning their trip. From there it was a small step to starting the business.

    Since 2010, this is what we’ve been doing: Personally-tailored trips to Alaska and Western Canada (also known as private guided tours), dealing with ground services and organized trips for small groups. Everyone that works here is an Alaska or Western Canada veteran and we are all (some more and some less) obsessed with those areas in one way or another. That’s way we do not offer other destinations – Alaska and Canada are our home turf and we only deal with what we know best.

    In the last couple of years we’ve seen a rise in demand, the workforce grew from 3 to 5 people and we now offer a larger variety of trips. What does the future hold? Who knows. But waht does it matter right now anyway? In the meantime, if you are looking for someone to help you plan your trip to Alaska or Western Canada, give us a call and we would love to help.

  • Ofer Gelmond

    Ofer Gelmond

    Hi and welcome. I’m Ofer, a tour guide and amateur photographer with a soft spot for Alaskan travel. Alaska is an old flame. I first went there in 1997, and kept coming ever since. A few years ago I took this little obsession one step further and moved to Anchorage. Over the next few years I worked in the local university, completing my master degree on the effects of earthquakes on the evolution rate of Stickleback fish (you’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s one fascinating fish). During my studies I began working as a tour guide for a local company called Alaska Alpine Adventures, and this later evolved into a collaboration with other travel companies.

    I started this website way back when, just so I could send large volumes of photos to family and friends without clogging their inboxes. Of course, those were darker times, when inbox space was a limited resource. Over the years the site was redesigned, and at some point it also became clear that there isn’t an overwhelming demand for people who can explain the connection between Stickleback evolution and earthquakes. Fortunately, around that time people began showing some interest in the site, and I was increasingly approached by travelers who wanted my help planning their trip to Alaska. So this is what I’ve been doing ever since – tailoring tour packages for individuals and small groups, consulting, establishing itineraries and tour guiding. The website was redesigned again very recently (I believe this is the fourth version), and this is the result.

    Over the past five years the business volume has increased, our manpower dramatically inflated from two to four, we started offering trips to the Canadian Rockies (another old flame), and in the future… who knows, and really, who cares. Till then, if you’re looking for someone to tailor your travel plans or guide you through Alaska and Canada, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

  • Ido Gayer

    Ido Gayer

    Has been roaming the Israeli countryside from an early age. After military service as an officer in one of IDF’s elite special forces units, Ido went trekking with nothing but a backpack (not even a shirt, judging by the pictures). During this trip he became intimately familiar with Alaska, hitchhiked through the Yukon (a great achievement, as there are hardly any people in Yukon), and even managed to check out Oregon and California.

    When not sitting in the office and sending emails to Alaska, Ido is also a certified tour guide, and from time to time he religiously takes time off for rock-climbing, four-by-four and scuba-diving trips around the globe. Loves nature, the great outdoors, simplicity and his backpack. Hates shirts.

  • Adva Reshef

    Adva Reshef

    After spending a dozen years wondering around the globe, Adva climbed back to shore and joined our crew. Before she did so, she crossed a few oceans with her beloved sailboat, volunteered at an apes preservation project in Cameroon, traveled extensively through Central America, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and finally arrived at Alaska where she worked with sled dogs and lived in a remote fishing village.

    Her ever-lasting passion is bookkeeping, managing Excel sheets and pricing various travel services, but other than that she also writes for travel magazines, captures wonderful photos and enjoys the great outdoors. On her spare time, she’s working on graduating her BSc in Biology.

  • Shira Hofesh

    Shira Hofesh

    Shira is the mystery woman of the team, and aside the fact that she recently returned to Israel after a couple of years in the US, not much else is known about her. There are no records of her in any data base, nor google results. She can walk on dry leaves without making a sound, she doesn’t drink coffee and she avoids lactose, gluten and glucose.

    Some say she traveled extensively in Europe, the US and Alaska (Duh…), and that she has a soft spot for stars, soap bubbles, open roads and snowy mountains. Shira herself states that she “is a regular person living in Tel Aviv”, but once a year she disappears for a couple of weeks “to visit friends in Sweden”. When she’s is in Israel, she works for us. And that’s good.

  • Yuval Shapira

    Yuval Shapira

    Yuval rose to stardom when he was 19. He just got back from a trip with his family to the Canadian Rockies and posted a comprehensive guide to Western Canada, on a local traveling site, where it is still one of the most popular on the site. Since then he has hiked his way through the western US, Nepal (treks, treks and more treks), and almost every region in Europe that has mountains that area worth the effort.

    The two last notches in his belt are (so far) Norway and Alaska, which were thoroughly hiked. Yuval’s moto in life is “a real man never takes the tea bag out of the cup” and he lives his life true to that. Yuval combines a love for classical music, nature photography and pick-up game injuries. He is also well versed in the subtle art of coffee. His wife makes exceptional brownies but doesn’t provide a steady supply to the office. Which is a shame.

  • Nitzan Rotman

    Nitzan Rotman

    A country kid from the northern part of Israel. A combination of tough and soft, power and vulnerability.

    Nitzan brings with him a varied background that includes selling hiking equipment in Tel Aviv and even working at a super market in Australia. Has been known to eat a surprising amount compared to his body size, and likes making decisions in a data driven matter. Overall, a positive guy.

    Life moto: ” If you sleep with your children, don’t be surprised if you wake up wet”.

  • last but not least - The company logo

    last but not least - The company logo

    Is a Stickleback fish, of course. So Ofer’s mom can’t say nothing came out of his Masters.

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